Logos play an important role in establishing the success of a Realtor or a real estate company. While nearly any professional can benefit by having a professional logo designed, this is probably truer for the Realtor than any other. Your identity sets you apart from other in your market and makes you and your service instantly and easily recognizable to clients and potential clients.

Any Realtor can benefit from branding themselves in the community. It helps to generate word of mouth advertising, and when people recognize your logo mark, they are more likely to treat you as though they already know you because they are already familiar with your identity and thus your brand. Your identity can also serve to make you not just the best choice, but the only choice when people need real estate services. If they don't know any personally, and they have seen your image associated with real estate throughout the community, when they go looking for a Realtor, they will recognize and choose you. This works time and again and is a powerful way to passively generate new business.

What makes A Good Realtors Logo

A good identity has several aspects of professional design that make it a powerful symbol working to represent the quality of your real estate services.

It should be simple. The most successful images are simple and can be recognized in an instant. This is especially important because often people will be most exposed to your logo when they see it on signage as they drive past a billboard or a home that is for sale.

Your logo should use colors that are appropriate to your realty business, the area you do business in and any area of real estate specialty you practice in. Your professional logo designer can help you choose just the right colors for your logo.

Your identity should use a distinctive typeface, called a logotype, to set you apart from other realtors. This is especially true if you have a common name. Using the right logotype can make your name, even if it is a common name, synonymous with services in your client's minds.

Your new company "face" should brand you as the obvious expert. It should make you not the best choice for real estate services, but the only choice. This is the kind of branding that you want your logo to deliver to you.

How To Design Your Realtors Logo

I want to encourage you to use a professional designer to create your new identity. As a service professional, you understand that someone who has training and experience in your field can make all of the difference between success and failure. The same is true for logo design. A poorly designed image, such as one that is ready-made will send all the wrong messages about you and your business. Free logos can actually hurt your business. A professional logo designer knows how to create a logo and tie all of the essential elements together for a successful realtors logo that brands you as the professional and protects your business and your reputation.


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