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All too often, the difference between sluggish sales and rousing success for small business can be found in the advertising and branding programs. One small adjustment in the strategy can make a major difference in terms of getting noticed over and above the competition.

Small business owners are finding that a cartoon character logo design and/or mascot  often makes the difference, especially in industries and markets where the competition is already tight, with economic conditions making it even tighter. Cartoon character logos are often more costly, especially for a quality product, but companies that are willing to pay a little extra are often surprised and pleased when the extra attention and business more than make up for the initial outlay.

Take for example the Canadian dentist who made the news recently after winning a Marketer of the Year Award. After assessing his completion, he realized that most dental advertisements were nearly identical. He set out to differentiate himself by creating an animated character business logo of a man with an obvious toothache. He wrote cartoons and translated his character to a mascot that appears at local events and marches in parades, breaking out of the ‘Happy tooth & toothbrush’ mold used by most other dentists who chose to build their brand using a character. His branding effort paid off in terms of attracting plenty of attention and new patients as well.

Consider also the iconic logos that have been around for decades, such as Mr. Clean and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Major companies have long accepted the effectiveness of choosing the right animated character mascot for their logos. They knew that:

• Cartoon character mascots and logos achieve instant recognition for your brand and products. This was very valuable when reading skills were low, but applies now in a global sense when language can be a barrier to effective brand recognition.

• Using a character to promote your business conveys a unique personality picture of your business, and a level of intimacy that extends beyond words.

• Character images enhance product images – for example, the Mr. Clean character is strong and shiny, suggesting product power and an appealing result that will not disappoint.

• Competitive advantage is key. Once the markets began filling up and the competitive field grew larger, the importance of getting enough brand attention to differentiate determined the companies that would grow to multinational giant or stay regional. Character logos and mascots generate more conversation and attention than their unanimated counterparts.

• Character logos and mascots exert greater memory power. And getting customers to remember that you exist and what you provide is a good part of the battle.

• A mascot benefits your business directly – in terms of boosting morale among your employees and creating a team spirit.

It is important to select the right mascot for your business. With a little creativity, most small businesses can find a character that brings their product or service to life in the minds of their potential customers. A pet food company can use a dog or cat, craft supplies sellers can animate a pair of scissors, anything that connects and solidifies the brand. Try it – your small business might just end up with a big reputation.


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