You're convinced. You've been researching how to design a logo on the Internet and you know how much value a well designed logo can add to any business -- even a small one like your own. So where do you start? From your research you know you have basically two choices. Design it yourself of hire someone else to do it for you. If you choose the second alternative you'll also have to decide whether you want to use the services of an online designer or pay someone whom you can interact in person. Regardless of the route you select, there is a critical design principle to keep in mind. This principle should help you to design your own identity, or to evaluate the ability of someone else to do it for you.

How To Design A  Logo: Simplicity

Keep it simple. Simple designs are more functional. You've undoubtedly read statements like those in your Internet research. On the face of it the principle seems contradictory with the stated goals of a logo. If you want an identity that is eye catching, appealing, and distinctive, shouldn't "more is better" be the guiding principle? Won't more "bells and whistles" in your business image provide greater eye appeal. The track record of some of the world's most successful logos shows otherwise. Think of the great ones you've seen and you'll realize they are all really very simple. How complicated and flashy is the elegantly simple McDonald's Golden Arch? Logos get better over time. The more places your identity appears in the public eye, the quicker it becomes associated with the brand it represents. And simpler logos can be used anywhere. They can be enlarged or reduced without diminishing their impact. They can be blown up and placed above the entrance to a corporate office and reduced to appear on the head of a swizzle stick you'll find in a drink served at a corporate function. If you do it yourself, keep it simple. If you hire somebody, make sure they understand and utilize this key principle.

Do it Yourself Design

If you or someone in your business has some creative skills, you can easily find software programs that will help you design your own logo. Even the most basic Desktop Publishing program can get the job done. If you read the "sales pitch" for some you'll see they claim even those totally lacking in creativity can get good results from the program. In many cases, the software costs more, however, than simply hiring a professional designer to do the job in the first place.

Finding a Professional Logo Designer

From your Internet searches you know there are a multitude of logo designers on the web offering a wide variety of packages to choose from. Packages vary based on how many different ideas they present for your review and how many revisions of your selection they allow. Most include a few "freebies" in some of the higher priced packages. The best ones will start with some kind of survey of the basic characteristics of your business. The ability to communicate with your designer is key to getting the best possible design


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