Logos are really all about the graphics. Well designed and grounded graphics jump out at the world and say "Look at me. Here I am and this is what I'm all about!" In reality, all elements of logo design should support and enhance the graphical image presented. Do you recall ever seeing a business identity that was a hundred percent text, with no enhancing graphics? Probably not many. While you may see logos devoid of specific and separate images, graphical techniques like 3D enhancement, box enclosures, or tapering of font size, are always employed.

Designing good graphics for your logo is not simply a matter of putting together some interesting images with eye-catching shapes, curves, 3D presentations or other graphical "bells and whistles." The graphics designed into your identity should reflect the nature of your business. It should ideally depict your company's core business and corporate values. A logo for a bank should look fundamentally different than a one for an alternative energy technology company. The bank's identity should reflect stability, security, and safety. The alternative energy technology company's image should connote innovation, creativity, and the future. Specific graphical images used in logos could be tools representative of the company's business, shapes and figures that reflect what the company does. The globe is an image that frequently appears with a variety of different looks and configurations in companies engaged in global business. AT&T's Blue World with White Stripes is an example. Construction companies sometimes include images of tools they make use of in their business. Advertising and design firms like to go for eye-catching shapes that appear creative and innovative.

Importance of Logos

Some people see logos as something nice to have but not really essential to their business. First, they should look at some examples of what a good logo can do for a business. You see that Blue World and you think AT&T communicating around the globe. You see that funny little cartoon guy with the big nose and the orange hat, hammer in hand, and you think Home Depot. If you're still not convinced, think of all the applications a corporate identity can have. Letterhead, memos, websites, promotional clothing and accessory items, are all examples. And the list could go on and on. Logo design is an important business function that should be taken seriously. But who should do it?

Professional Design or Do it Yourself

Yes you can do it yourself and you don't even need special design software. Any decent Desktop Publishing program will do. But do you really have the creative talent it takes to do this right? Professional designers follow the KISS principle --Keep It Simple Stupid. They know how to sit down with you and learn what it is that you do and how your customers see you and your products and services. They know how to capture things and represent then cleanly and simply. Most DIY logo designers get enthralled with the capabilities of the software and end up with confusing, complicated, and "noisy" logos. Check the Internet for professional logo design help and you'll find it's not as expensive as you think. And the investment will pay off. Good luck with your design!


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