A good logo is important for your corporate identity; a great logo is ideal.  But how do you create corporate logos that will set your corporation apart in its niche and cause others to set up and take notice of your business? By hiring a professional logo designer, of course!  Your logo is one of the most important aspects when it comes to creating brand identity, brand awareness, and brand recognition.  So in others words, branding your corporation without an effectively designed logo is not going to happen.  Where would McDonald's be without its golden arches? Where would Wal-Mart be without its easily recognizable logo? You can just imagine that neither of these corporate giants would have gone far without an effective and easily recognizable logo that their customer base (and potential, would-be customers and clients) can look at and instantly affirm that it belongs to that company.  The golden arches, for example, rise high in the sky along interstates throughout the country, beckoning hungry travelers to something familiar in an unfamiliar place – and the golden arches work so well that McDonald's is the number one fast food restaurant in the world. 

Logos for Your Corporation

A professional logo designer will work with you to unearth your business' philosophy, taking a look at your customer base and your market niche to create corporate logos that make your business stand out.  While you probably aren't the size of McDonald's, everyone has to start somewhere and having a good logo and identity in place for your corporation as soon as possible during the corporation's formation will allow you to take your logo along for your successful ride to the top of your game.  By having a familiar logo in place, existing and potential customers and clients can easily relate the logo back to you – and you can reinforce that relation through branding efforts such as using your logo appropriately.  This includes on all letterhead (or anything printed that comes out of your office).  As a side note, the most effective placement of any logo is in the left hand corner of an item (whether it be a screen or a piece of paper) because the eye is "drawn" to the left corner automatically – so why not have your logo there for easier exposure.   Other places to use your corporate logo include:

On your corporate website.  Having your corporate logo on your corporate website – including every page of the website – is a great way for those who are interested in your services and products to get to know your logo better.

On your place of business.  Use your logo prominently at your physical location, whether it is on the doors or displayed boldly in the lobby or reception area. 

In print ads.  Use your logo in any print ads that you place in newspapers, magazines, and journals.  A great logo should look good in black and white as well as in color. 

On billboards.  When you create your corporate logo, make sure that it is scalable – which means that it looks just as good when enlarged as it does when shrunk down to less than a ½ inch in size. 

Once you create your corporate logo, you'll find other uses for it as well, including using it on promotional pens, hats, mugs, tee shirts and more. 


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