Church logos are a special category of logos. Because of the nature of a church the logo must represent the core values, beliefs and faith of the church. The logo must fall within the theological mandate and dictates of the church. Some religions have very specific directions about images and designs that must be followed.

Many churches also resist the idea of a church logo because it is seen as marketing and people usually have an idea on some level that churches should not market. Another concern is that a logo could take a life of its own and replace, in people's minds, the already rich imagery that most churches have.

When you think about it though most faiths have a mandate on some level to take the message of their faith to other people and share it with them. This is the very definition of marketing. Marketing is spreading a message. So there really should be no reason for a church not to take advantage of tools like logos in its efforts at spreading the message of faith.

Generic Church Logos

Some churches take the first step toward using a logo on their own without even realizing it. They will often find a clipart image of a bible or a cross or some other symbol that represents their faith. Then they will use that symbol to print it on church bulletins, fliers and even church letterhead.

Essentially when a church does this, they have created and established a logo for the church. The problem is that it is usually ineffective in working as a logo for several reasons. The primary reason is that it is nondescript and common. People have seen the same or very similar image in dozens of other places and not all of those places are even churches, let alone this church. To be effective the church logo needs to be distinctive enough that when people in the community see it they automatically think of the church.

The next problem with these accidental church logos is that, while they are simple (which is a good thing) - they are also usually bland. A church logo needs to be very simple and reflective of the faith at the same time, but it also needs to capture the attention of people who see it or it does not serve its purpose. If everyone overlooks it, it doesn’t’t matter how recognizable it is, the logo just isn’t doing the job it was intended to do.

Professional Help Designing Church Logos

These and many other potential pitfalls are likely for any church that designs their own logo whether they do it on accident or on purpose. There is a lot of know how that goes into designing a successful, effective logo and that know how is beyond most people who have no training in the field. The best way to make sure your church logo does the job you need it to do is to hire a trained, qualified logo designer and work closely with them to help you create the perfect church logo.


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