Are you a camp administrator or public relations officer that wishes to rev up your marketing efforts for the season to attract new campers? If so, now may be the time to look at your camp logo design (if you have one).  A camp logo design allows possible campers (and their moms and dads) to get an impression of your camp that will define you and single you out from other camps that they may elect to attend.  A logo design is an often overlooked part of a camp’s marketing plan.


Designing your camp logo is a serious step in driving traffic to your camp, and should not be undertaken without serious consideration.  If you are artsy, you might consider designing the logo yourself, but if you are like most of us, you don’t have the knowledge or skills to design an effective camp logo that can catapult your camp to greater exposure and thus, success.  You should consider many factors in your logo design, including different colors, images, shapes, fonts, and etc., that make up the most successful logos out there.


The most effective logos for your camp are those that are simple to read and easy to remember.  The most easily recognized logo that many folks are familiar with is the golden arches that make up McDonald’s restaurant logos.  This simple design is ultra effective, yet contains only two design elements – color and shape.  Coca-Cola’s logo is simply text.  Discovering what works best for your camp in the way of a logo design depends on what you want other people to know about the camp before they’ve even heard of it.  That takes some careful thought!


Ideally, the logo you choose for your camp should include a symbol, image, text, or any combination of the three that is easy for you to reproduce on marketing materials, and is easy to understand and recall by the average person.  Colors that you use should be those that exude the image you’re trying to convey, perhaps upbeat and entertaining (cheery yellow, brilliant red, bright orange), or a mix of colors that you determine best suits your camp’s theme.  Most text on your logo looks best in black.  As a rule of thumb, most business logo designers will not want to use more than three colors on the logos that they produce (more often looks too busy or even tacky).


Your basic goal through the design of your logo is to end up with a logo that your camp can be proud of in the long run and find useful on your marketing materials.  Although your methods of marketing may change as the market for your services changes, your camp logo should be the one thing that is consistent throughout the years that people relate directly back to your camp.


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