Your band must have an effective logo design to keep up with the “competition” and make a unique statement that fans can relate back to you.  From the bold letters of the AC/DC logo to the Aerosmith band logo that is so infamous, you can see that music fans relate the logo on an album artwork cover or a concert tee directly with your band. It remains essential, therefore, that you have a logo that speaks of your music and your band members in general. 


While contemplating the logo that you will use to brand your band, you should make sure that the logo is:


Easy to describe.  Your band’s logo should be developed and implemented so that your fans can easily describe it in words. This is a factor in logo creation that can be seen in the most easily remembered and recognized logos in the music world. To make your logo describable, think of logos that stand out from the other logos around and from other band’s logos.  It is important that your logo is simple in order to be easily described.


Easily Memorable.  Although your style of music may be enough for folks to remember you, your logo should be memorable as well – if it’s not, it will work against the marketing plan that you band has in place.  When someone sees your logo, they should think of your music, your band, and the songs that they like on your album, etc. 


Effective with or without color.  Your logo should be just as memorable and describable with color or printed in plain black and white (although the AC/DC logo mentioned above IS black and white).  A good test of this: if you printed your logo on a copier using only black ink, would you still get the same message from the logo? If so, your logo passes the with or without color test. 


Scalable as needed.  Your logo must have the ability to be scaled up or down as needed. For instance, the logo design that you choose should work well on an ink pen or match book, and just as well on a huge billboard in a busy area.  If your logo lacks scalability, it will be in effective for your marketing plan.


Designing your band’s logo is not a process to take lightly.  Just keep in mind – one day you want to be proud to see your band’s logo emblazoned on a fan’s tee shirt or even tattooed on your fan’s chest – which makes putting a lot of thought into your band logo design very important.


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