Turn Pennies into Profit with Affordable Promotional Products

Are you looking for an affordable way to reach out to your target marketplace, expand your brand and increase sales? Consider these promotional products – especially if you are a small business with a limited budget. They are surprisingly affordable and have shown great results in terms of brand building and creating customer goodwill. They also give you the advantage of a constant presence in the home or office of your customer, ready to recommend your products or services whenever the need arises.

Magnets remind people that your business is out there, ready to serve them at a moment’s notice. They are so popular that many people keep collections on their fridge, filing cabinet, or desk – wherever they can find a metal surface to adhere them. They are often used to keep photos or papers attached to the surface, but more often become a sales or service directory for quick reference – a great value for minimal cost.

Key chains are always useful for car, home, office and garage keys. Every time your customer uses keys, he or she is reminded of your business. New customers develop an awareness of your brand and returning customers are reminded of their past experiences or perhaps that they need to do business with you again soon.

Pens, ball point or felt tip are favorites, especially for businesses where they are a staple tool. Banks, professional offices, educational institutions, booksellers, arts and craft stores and websites find that their customers appreciate writing tools as a promotional gift. Make sure it is a high quality pen that will last as long as you want your business to remain on the radar of its user.

Mouse pads are wonderful, especially for businesses related to computer sales, repair, or IT services, or that cater to business or professional offices such as supply stores. They serve as a desktop billboard that advertises your business 24/7.

Stickers are versatile and can be collected or placed in strategic places as a reminder of your products or services as well as to develop brand recognition over an extended period of time.

Calendars are very useful – everyone needs them, refers to them regularly and dislikes the chore of going out and buying them. Customers appreciate your business providing them and gain a positive image of your brand.

Mugs are the promo product with nine lives. They are always useful to someone. When people accumulate too many in their home or office, they give them away, and those bearing your logo start a whole new promotional life. Nobody throws a good mug into the trash.

Hats are especially popular among collectors and children of all ages. You can tailor the design to a specific event – such as a visor for a sporting event – or choose an all purpose favorite that can be worn for years, building brand recognition in your community.

T-Shirts are much appreciated for a variety of reasons, and if the color, style and logo are impressive enough – they’ll advertise your business everywhere the wearer goes. People will notice – and your brand will grow stronger.

Post it Pads printed with your company logo are low cost and valuable because people use them. They also get passed along with the note – so each sheet in the pad can potentially count as a contact with a new client.

These promotional devices can turn pennies into profit. They build lasting brand recognition and advertise on a continuous basis. Purchase quality items that present your company logo, taglines and contact information in an attractive and eye catching manner you’ll realize maximum return and sent into motion maximum brand and profit building power.


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